Beckoned: Heartland Cove County Romance by Vicky Holt

beckonedBlurb: Sandrine Crossman, former Sergeant First Class in the Canadian Coast Guard, has a couple little problems. The first one is Mayor Jeffries. The villain wants to get Cove Light in his evil clutches so he can turn it into a tourist trap. She won’t let him win, come hell or high tide. The lighthouse has been in her family for generations.

The second problem is a lot less straightforward, in a tall, muscular and unforgettable way. Unfortunately, the so-called Charles is, well, forgetful. Once Sandrine rescues him from the storm, she realizes he has amnesia. He doesn’t know who he is, where he came from, or where he’s going. She’d like to wash her hands of this hunky landlubber, but then again, maybe he could help her out with the mayor. Especially when mysterious vandalism and physical danger turn into real threats.

Sandrine knows how to deal with touchy motors, perilous weather, and even the mayor. But where matters of the heart are concerned, she tends to flounder. In moments of emotional distress, she turns to her pen-pal, Zeb. But he’s thousands of miles away, and some problems require a more personal touch. Maybe Charles could help with that too. If only he could remember who he was, and if only Sandrine could forget. Because there’s a reason she won’t get too close, and the memories threaten to drown her in a sorrow so deep, her only choices are to sink or swim. And right now? She’s treading water.



5 stars

I really liked this one. It may be in the running for my favorite book by her.  I enjoyed how unique their meeting was.  I’ve always liked original love interest meetings in stories and this one was perfect.  I also loved her home.  I mean, how often do you get to visit a lighthouse?  That’s what it felt like when I read the book.  Like I was visiting a historical lighthouse.  And I must say that was never on my bucket list before but it is now! I really enjoyed their communication about how inexperienced she was in the romance area.  It brought a level of maturity to the story that really enhanced it for me.

Sandrine backstory really stuck out for me. After all the heartbreak she suffered I was surprised she wasn’t more jaded. She seemed to be a self aware person, a fact which I love.  At first I wasn’t to sure about her personality but once I really got in to the story she grew on me and I felt compassion for her and her past.

And Charles was super cute as a water logged rescuee.   He wanted to protect her but at the same time didn’t want to make her think she wasn’t capable.  The fact that he even took that into consideration gave him a depth and attractiveness that appealed to me.  I also liked how he was able to anticipate her wants and needs.  He waited for her to come to terms with her feelings before moving forward. And he wasn’t afraid to show his displeasure about something. All great characteristics I admire in a partner. So yeah, you could say I liked him. 🙂

I mean the whole story was pretty creative.  Not that I expected any less from Miss Holt.  She has a gift for writing, truly.  I’ve read almost all her works and I don’t plan on missing any if I can help it.

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