(Un)bidden (Judgement of the Six book #4) By Melissa Haag

unbiddenBlurb: I left home because I didn’t want to end up in a cage like a lab rat. Hitching rides, begging for cash, and sleeping on the ground got old fast. That was the only reason I braved an overgrown path to a group of buildings. I’d hoped to find a bed and a decent night’s sleep. However, what I found was a place overrun by werewolves.

While on the run, Charlene finds herself surrounded by werewolves, creatures she can’t control with her mind like she can humans. Their existence has her believing she’s found a safe place to stay, a place where secrets are okay. However, she soon discovers she’s anything but safe. Charlene must learn how to use her abilities to influence the strange new species because if she can’t, the next bite she suffers might just kill her.

Read how the cycle begins, and have no doubt. Charlene’s past will shape the future of the Judgements.



4 Stars

This book takes us into the past, it’s almost like a prequel. Charlenes story is a little weird because her powers are still kind of…. I mean, we know what her powers are but the usefulness remains to be seen within the six.  Its my understanding that nobody really knows the full extent of her powers yet.   Except for her.

This one starts the beginning of the cycle, she is the youngest of the six at the time of their claiming, which kinda pisses me off shes only 15 in the book.  I remember being 15 and I just don’t get how emotionally mature she is.  She shouldn’t be at that age and I had a real hard time believing her age.  So, I do what I do and pretended she was in her mid twenties. That consistency with the age versus the maturity in the writing was off. I gotta give it to Charlene though because even in the face of a whole bunch of agressive males, she holds her own.  She is attacked near constantly, there is a lot more internal strife in this book as oppossed to the others.

The cool thing about this book is it tells you how they came to be more civilized.  Before Charlene they were living in the forest and didn’t work together as a pack or socialize with the humans at all.  You get a glimpse of the evolution of their species between Charlenes times and the others.

Thomas can see what Charlene is pushing them towards and he is a driving force behind their change toward the future.  He sees the potential in them working together. That right there what kind of a leader that he eventually will become.

I like Nany Wini and Grey. And I’m kind of upset because Jim is still my favorite who’s unclaimed so far. I really wanted him to get someone in the end.  I hope he gets his HEA.

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