Intuition by Amy A. Bartol

13381357I don’t open my eyes so I can’t see him, but I can smell him. He thickens the air I breathe, choking me with his scent…his aroma. I shiver. I have to resist. If I’m not strong, then I will be relegated to the same fate as this predator whose sickness infects me even now. But now, I crave him and he knows that; he has been counting on my need to end the gnawing pain. How he would savor my surrender. I’m alive, but how much longer will it take until I beg him not to be?

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My Review:
Original review: 5 stars — Yup, loved it again.  In reality, there are quite a few things that bug me, but I love the books as a whole so much that the little things just slide on by and I still give it a 5.  In general though, I am not a big fan of love triangles, and this one is painful to watch.  But it was kind of fun to see Russell’s POV for a while.  Lovin all the characters, even some of the evil ones….loving all the new little side characters (Phaedrus intrigues me)….basically can’t wait for more please!!

ON REREAD: 4 stars — OK, so I don’t think I’m in the best mood for reading in general right now, so that definitely affected my enjoyment of this book the 2nd time around.  There were times where I felt like I was forcing myself to read, but then there were other times when I was so sucked in and enthralled that time just passed me by (and I truly notice that stuff when I’m biking while reading).

For me, where this book shines is Evie’s sass and spunkiness.  I even enjoy her self-sacrificing, but I can see why that might bug others.  I enjoy the personalities of all the characters (particularly my favourite angel squad), even the bad guys, though Brennus confuses me.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about him.  I’ve seen people be team Brennus online, but he’s such a truly evil guy that I don’t quite understand that.  I did enjoy the super tiny roles of Finn and later Pleben (that was his name right?).  And I’m still intrigued by Phaedrus…I enjoyed Evie’s conversation with him in the airplane.  My problem now is that I have even less tolerance for love triangles…or quadrangles?  In the end I’m all Team Reed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hate what Evie ends up putting Russell through as a consequence…I guess I just don’t like to see genuinely good characters tortured like that for reasons that are yet to be apparent.  I guess we’ll see how this is going to play out in the rest of the series, eh?

I think one other thing that drove my tired brain crazy is that a LOT happens in this book.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I think the pacing threw me off in places.


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    • Yeah, I actually wish I had more time to reread favourite books. I’m doing a lot of rereading this year b/c I’m trying to finish some old series that are finally complete, and I like to reread the first books again so I get fully absorbed back in the world. I end up reading so much that my memory for fine details just goes out the window. 🙂

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