On the Brink by Kate Willoughby

29909088Due to popular demand, Kate Willoughby brings you Hart Griffin and Jeremy Fenton’s origin story. Find out how these two met and fell in love…

Holtzer University junior Hart Griffin won’t let anything interfere with his future as a professional hockey player. No way, no how. He’s the star forward of his college team and a first round NHL draft pick.

One hot night with a male super fan calls into question everything Hart thought he knew about his sexuality and launches him on a soul-searching journey in which nothing is as it seems and his entire world is turned upside down.

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My Review:
3 stars — I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

Not a bad M/M romance novella…probably would have enjoyed it more if I’d actually read the 2nd book in this series so I could see them interact in the future.  In the end it suffered from the trap many novellas fall under — too short to really get enough story out of them.  And in this case, probably b/c they’re cameo’d in the 2nd book, we didn’t really get a satisfying ending.  It was ok, but for readers who are coming in with this being the first book for them, it would have been nice to have a peek (epilogue?).  I guess the thought is that I could then buy and read the other books in the series, but in the end I wasn’t sucked in enough for that.

Pretty good chemistry as far as the steam factor went.  The relationship chemistry was glossed over a bit more (like a montage of friendship scenes).  Would have liked to see more of what attracted them to each other besides the physical.  Especially because the words love were thrown around kind of early then.

Wasn’t really taken with either book boy.  Jeremy was not bad, and I felt for him when he was initially targeted, but then it just sort of went on from there and I didn’t know him enough to love him.  And Hart unfortunately behaved pretty badly after the experimentation encounter, which was sort of believable I guess, but it didn’t really endear him to me and I never fell in love.

So all in all it was entertaining, but ultimately not satisfying enough.  *shrugs*



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