Lonesome Beds and Bumpy Roads (Beds #3) by Becca Ann and Tessa Marie

25404229Blurb: Lexie Boggs has dealt with enough drama for one teenage girl, and just when she thinks it’s about over, the father who abandoned her a decade ago shows up looking for redemption. At least… that’s what he says.

Ryan Parker thinks his future is set. He’s got a sweet job set up, graduation on the horizon, and a lifetime of dreams he’s planned with his girlfriend, Lexie—including a king-sized bed for their soon-to-be apartment. Only a slight snag tugs at the fantasy when Lexie starts putting aside all she’s worked hard on for her deadbeat dad and his “sickness.”

Suddenly school is the only time spent together, and as Ryan expresses his suspicions about why Daddy Boggs is really back, Lexie pulls away, hoping Ryan is wrong but fearing he’s right. And as graduation approaches, Ryan and Lexie struggle to keep the futures they thought they had firmly intact from crumbling all over their now lonely king-sized bed.




5 stars!

This book kinda blew me away.  I expected them to have to deal with living together and their new lives as college students.  All the learning that occurs during that time.

But no, these authors had to go and throw my heart in a blender.  I mean, I thought for sure daddy was a douche canoe.  Lexie’s POV made me think, maybe, just maybe, he is really here for her and wants to make it right.  Usually I can peg a story line pretty quickly but this one I was unsure where it was headed.  Lexie really grew on me in this book.  She was trying to make the mature choices and thinking things through.  She was giving her dad a chance, which is more than I can say for Ryan.

Ryan was clear cut in this book. He knew how he felt about Lexie’s dad and was candid about his jealousy almost from the start I felt.  What I loved was that he owned it, he didn’t make excuses.  He tried to be the supporting boyfriend without being possessive and making her choose between them.  And he never gave up trying to make it work, most guys his age would have I think.

I also loved how her mom had her own demons in this book.  She’s been on the wagon for a while now and I was concerned dad showing up was gonna be a trigger.  The authors handled that temptation exquisitely IMO.  It was a great, in-depth scene.  Something so small that had such a huge impact really lets you know the authors have done their homework to keep the story line consistent.

This is a great series.

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