My Song for You by Stina Lindenblatt

29875695In a poignant romance from the author of This One Moment (“Hot, intense, and filled with emotion.”—Rachel Harris), the rock stars of Pushing Limits have hit the big time. But fame gets tough when love presents a fork in the road.

At twenty-one, Jared Leigh had been prepared to give up the life of a touring musician to be a father after getting his girlfriend pregnant. When she told him that she’d gotten an abortion, Jared was devastated. Now at least he has the groupies to keep him company—until a blast from the past rocks his world.

Callie Talbert hasn’t seen her sister’s ex since high school. But after Callie bumps into Jared while she’s grocery shopping with four-year-old Logan, there’s a spark that wasn’t there before. Jared quickly realizes that her deaf “son” is the same age his own child would have been. When Jared demands to know more about Logan, Callie panics. There are things she just can’t tell him. Besides, Jared’s a bad-boy rocker, not a dependable father figure. He’ll move on to his next gig soon enough . . . right?

Trouble is, Jared refuses to be pushed away, and the more quality time he spends with Logan, the more he’s captivated by the woman Callie has become. When the truth is revealed, Jared only hopes that the three of them have what it takes to become a real family.

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My Review:
3.5 stars — I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

OK, this one sucked me in right at the beginning and I ended up staying up til after 2am wanting to read just one more chapter, just one more chapter.  I’m not entirely sure what was the big selling point for me, but I really liked both Callie and Jared, and I was intrigued about where it was going, and loving how the dynamics with Logan were playing out in the beginning.  I thought there was some cute flirty chemistry between the two, and even though I sometimes had a hard time figuring out their past relationship (at first I thought she was purely the little sister b/c there was a 4 year age gap, but then later she’s listening to him play the guitar in his room when she was younger, and they were playing together?) I was still invested and enjoying it.

But as seems to happen way too frequently to me, I woke up the next day and was just NOT as invested in the book anymore.  Did the book actually lose its steam?  Or was it me?  I DON’T FRICKIN KNOW!!!  Drives me insane, can you tell?  I still really enjoyed the development of the relationship between Jared and Logan, but I felt slightly less invested in Callie and Jared’s relationship, and I was not as impressed with Callie in general as the book went on.  I’m not sure I can pinpoint specifics, but I actually wasn’t all that into their first steamy scene.  I think it was Callie’s odd nervous interruptions…it didn’t fit my initial perception of her, and it took me out of the moment.  After awhile I wasn’t even as sure about how well they fit together at all, and what was drawing them together besides Logan and supposed conversations they had after he went to bed.

So for a girl who’s not a huge kid person, I was actually most impressed with that part of the storyline.  So odd.

OK, but back to Callie.  I really didn’t like the choices she made both in the past and as the present played out.  Am I the only one that thought she gave up and backed down super fast, and was all of a sudden assuming how things would play off and making alternative plans for her future?  It seriously caught me off guard.

So yeah.  Once again I don’t know how to round.  First 50% was SOLID 4 stars, maybe even 4.5.  But it totally fizzled for me.  So it’s a 3.5 for sure, but rounded up or down?  I don’t know.  Guess we’ll see how my finger moves over the stars when I get to Amazon or Goodreads.  I know I’m making it sound worse than it was, but I was just disappointed after such a compelling start.  Oh well, can’t win them all.


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