Awaken (Brightest Kind of Darkness #5) by P.T. Michelle

 With her family life in emotional turmoil, Nara turns her focus to the one thing she knows is most important for everyone: convincing the raven spirit inside Ethan that he is the Master Corvus. Of course, Ethan trying to protect her by keeping his distance makes that goal near impossible to accomplish.

But once the archangel, Michael, warns her that Lucifer is almost upon them and she’s running out of time for the Master Corvus to accept who he is, Nara receives help bringing Ethan back to her from the most unlikely source.

Searching for answers leads Ethan and Nara to London, where allies and enemies converge. There, the couple must fight pure evil in the biggest battle of their lives and ultimately discover who they really are and what they stand for when faced with the hardest decision of all.

Save the world or the one you love…



3.5 Stars

The end is here! FINALLY! Finally finished this series.  This series has been sitting in my queue for YEARS! I first started this series about four years ago.  I think it was more but that was before I started keeping track with GR in 2014.  Anyway, long story short (Too late) I had to wait for the series to finish and the last book finally came out this year.  Okay whew, background info over–now on to the good stuff.

So this plot seemed simple at first but it evolved and changed with each book. And I know that is expected with a series but you would be surprised at the amount of series I have read that just recycle the same plot in each book.  One of the reasons I loved this series so much was that each book had a duel plot. The big picture that carried over into the next book.  And a small plot that was resolved with each edition.  And while most series have this concept, each plot was separate but had equal face time in the books.

Also, Ethan and Nara have their own parallel stories in this series, making it stand out to me even more.  Nara comes off as really quite perfect as a character.  Smart, sassy, funny, head strong, family oriented and pretty much the polar opposite of Ethan.

Ethan is a loner, broodish, a bit possessive and generally has a surly disposition.  This corresponds with his background though, so its actually a nice contrast to Nara’s constant positivity.

I loved how integrated became and while I felt the side characters could have been fleshed out a bit more, Samson and Gran more than made up for that.

Honestly, the ending was a bit of a letdown.  Probably having more to do with the fact i was upset the series was ending than any fault of the authors.  I highly recommend this series to any YA addicts out there.  I’ll most likely re-read it again at some point.

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