Dare The Devil by Elaine Raco Chase

DAre the devilBlurb: From the historical to the future, from chaste to explicit, steeped in history, frozen in suspense or just plain sweet . . . love “as you like it” from G.K. Hall. Romance readers will enjoy many titles by current top-selling authors.

From the moment he spied the tawny, near-naked beauty poised on the jagged cliffs, Thor Devlin was stunned. Long the master of his ranch near Glacier National Park, he yearned to make this primal fantasy come true on his own. But Cam Stirling was a movie stunt double who no man could tame — until Thor claimed her with a look. Although their passion was electric, Cam knew she couldn’t dare this devil without having to pay.




Okay, I got about 30% before letting it go.  Ya know, I used to pride myself on finishing every book I started but I realized it was a waste of my time to read something I didn’t enjoy.  And the story wasn’t bad, I just predicted so well it lost interest for me.

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