Stage Kissed by Cassie Mae and Kelley Lynn

35223581Blurb: Sixteen-year-old Kate knows how to juggle. From basketball practices to her shifts at Jamba Juice, Kate flies through her days wondering if she got a decent meal. When she lands a role in the school play, adding yet another task to her already full schedule, Kate starts fumbling through her routine, resorting to desperate measures to get the grades expected of her.

Co-worker and classmate Seth isn’t much of a juggler. Crowds and attention? Not his thing. So witnessing Kate’s ability to handle it all leaves Seth in awe. He could never do it. But then one of the leading actors in the play gets tonsillitis days before opening night, and Kate volunteers Seth to replace him. With his eidetic memory and killer dance moves, Seth’s the obvious choice—if it weren’t for his social anxiety.

With Seth’s growing—and unwanted—popularity and Kate spreading herself too thin, they start to wonder if their friendship will even last through the performances. But putting these two into a romance on stage has an effect neither of them could predict.



4.5 stars

This book was another hit.  It seemed a bit more fast paced than what I usually expect from CM but I dug that.  Or maybe I just thought that because these teenagers were SO FRICKING BUSY!

I especially liked how the kiss wasn’t the end of the story but a starting point. The beginning of a new adventure.

I felt sooo bad for these kids though. Like really really bad.  Their lives were not their own.  It made me stressed just reading about it because I felt like I was reading about my own life.  Not enough hours in the day, shorting one event/sport/situation to catch up on another. Ugh, I felt Kate’s frustration about not being able to put her one hundred into everything but I think in reality, Seth was more like me IRL.  I don’t go out much so I’m able to keep up on most of my hobbies without as much stress as Kate has.

This book was on point for teens though. I could easily see this happening to my little sisters during their high school lives.  Even now I feel bad that my daughter has Job’s Daughters and Tennis during the summer.  And its only once a week for her!

I loved how Seth seemed to become more outgoing as he got more involved with other school events.  And the mini-relationship! Omg that was hilarious and so something that would happen in high school!

I gotta admit, at first I didn’t really think Kate and Seth had much in common except that they seemed to be in close proximity more often than not.  That is bound to make people friendly.  But as the story progressed, you could see that it was about more than that. They pushed each other to be better and were there when things didn’t go well.

A lovely YA romance that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Go get this one!

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